What is Regetta Canoe?


A fun stroll around town!
Go Play. Enjoy your town.

The shoe crafted for the modern human who often walks on hard surfaces.
A tool designed for them to enjoy their town to the fullest—–that’s the CANOE.
Take a brand new step into town with the Canoe!


A tool to help you enjoy a stroll around town.
There are many comfortable shoes out there that hold back on good design.
Our “stroll around town” style keeps the balance between the two—-comfort and design.
Our round outer-sole was invented with the commuter in mind, who constantly walks on hard surfaces, and the upper part of the shoe creates a fun juxtaposition.
The unique and simple design, ease of coordination with your clothes are some of our favorite points—and they’re super easy to slip on and off!
The Canoe is a tool that helps you enjoy your town even more!


With “walking” in mind, the shape was born.
The Canoe’s daring lines create a silhouette unlike any other.
At first glance, it may seem like this shoe was made with only design in mind, but that’s not the case. “How do you walk comfortably in a city surrounded by asphalt?”
The Canoe was created by shoe designer Yasuo
Takamoto, born and raised in Osaka, Japan. He calls his shoe “the urban comfort tool,” an item to help you be as comfortable as possible in your day to day activities.


Our unique design easily coordinates with any style.
The Canoe possesses an incredibly unique design yet matches everyone’s individual personality and style.
It goes well with a simple, sharp jacket and pants as well as the latest casual styles. They’re compatible with all your pants in your closet! The impactful form is the decisive factor in it’s matching ability. Go barefoot in the spring and summer, show your favorite socks in the fall and winter…
Be free to wear whatever you’d like, no matter the season!


Leading the way in comfort and style:
The Gum Sole
The uneven insole supports the natural curve of your arch, making your feet healthy once again. Our insole is basically a super soft bed for your foot!


The sole that allows for
“Rolling Walking”
A brand new design for the sole unlike any other, this sole envelops your entire foot from your toes to your heel —birthing a new foot posture and new way of walking.


We wanted to create a new type of footwear that everyone, including our shoemakers, would want to wear. Our brand was created with that idea in mind.

We chose the lines, made the shapes, built the parts—every part of that process possesses the fine details executed by our professional staff. Wearability and comfort are of course a given.
On top of that, we wanted to add the fun to it, which became the motif, “stroll about town.”
We feel that this heel design will last forever. We put our souls into making the Regetta Canoe, which continues to evolve
every day


Our brand message is packed in the logo!
We’re putting our brand’s message right in the logo.
In the logo itself, we put in the hope that our brand will be
spread throughout the world as a prime representative of
Japan’s products.

  • The logo’s motif takes after a family crest, Japan’s symbol of sophisticated beauty.
  • Our product was born in our beloved city, Osaka–often referred to as the “water corridor”.
  • Our smooth, corner-less shape represents the wearability and comfort of our product.
  • The color represents the shimmering blue of the rivers of Osaka.
  • The logo’s main feature is our one-of-a-kind shape of the Regetta canoe’s sole.


RegettaCanoe was born in a small town called Ikuno Ward in Osaka, and since then, we have continued to make things with ” Made in Japan ” and ” Made in Osaka “.
In 2015, our thoughts and technology were recognized, and “Bigfoot Three Strap Design” was officially certified as an “Made in Osaka” brand by Osaka Prefecture.
Going forward, for a comfortable “Ki town”, Made In Osaka of RegettaCanoe a nationwide, to the world, will deliver to your feet.


What is an “Osaka brand”? Brand certification given to creative products (consumer goods) backed by excellent technology such as small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Osaka Prefecture. The certified products are “Made in Osaka” brand products, and information is widely disseminated inside and outside the country through promotional activities carried out by various support organizations including Osaka Prefecture.